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For those of you who aren’t familiar with who I am, I’m basically just another Dad who happens to have an amazing family and a love of good food. In mid-2019 I started a baby led weaning Instagram account (@theblwdad), with the idea being that I would share some of the meals that my wife and I gave our son Reuben on his weaning journey. Over time, however, this account gained quite a following and I found myself in a position whereby people were telling me their weaning problems and asking me questions on various areas of weaning. I am a full-time Doctor, and so answering questions on topics related to health now comes second nature to me, so I was more than happy to do this from the start and found that I really enjoyed the engagement with the weaning community. Furthermore, prior to weaning Reuben, I had done a lot of research into the field of baby led weaning, and so I felt able to impart some knowledge that I’d gained over time to others.

With regards to The BLW Dad, a lot has changed in a short space of time. Somehow the account has taken off and has a follower base that I would have never imagined, and I have an ebook too! I released Wean With Me in May 2020 to an absolutely fantastic reception. This ebook was a means of collating some of my favourite recipes that I had created up to that point, with the purpose being having all of the recipes in one place. I never imagined that it would be popular, but the support it received was amazing and people continue to regularly tag me in their recreations of my dishes, which is amazing.

I continue to be blown away by the support I receive on a daily basis, which is why my mission statement is to provide as much help and support in the weaning journey of others as I possibly can. The creation of this website is one resource that I hope you will find invaluable, as it will provide recipe ideas/inspiration, video demonstrations, weaning ebooks, weaning products/essentials and a message board where you can ask questions and engage with the weaning community.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feel free to contact me with any queries or questions you may have. Enjoy the website and Happy Weaning!

– Adam, aka The BLW Dad

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