Fed up of writing notes on your phone that you never look at again? Save time and effort by using this weekly meal planner to organise your meals for the week ahead. This notepad has 25 sheets that are individually removable, meaning you can pin it to your fridge or elsewhere for everybody to see the delicious meals on offer for that week. The planner includes space for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day of the week. This will help you plan for the week ahead and save valuable time and effort!

Also included at the bottom of the planner is a few boxes to help you keep a track on your little ones eating habits. The boxes are:

  • Likes/Favourites – Helps you to keep a track of things your little one loves.
  • Dislikes/To Try Again – Use this box to list things that your little one was not so keen on. It can take several attempts for infants to decide if they like a food, so this is a great way to keep a log and also remind yourself to try these items again the following week.
  • Notes – Space for anything else that you want to jot down!